How to unlock your Windows Phone 8 for development and deploying apps?

by Senthil Kumar | Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012 | 99 views

It may be necessary for the developers to test their Windows Phone apps on not just on the Windows Phone emulator but also on the actual Windows Phone device . Although the emulator provides almost all the functionalities for testing the app , app testing on the real device , the developer can be more confident on how the app works in real time.

How to unlock your Windows Phone 8 for development and deploying apps?

To unlock your Windows Phone 8 for developing and deploying apps on the Windows Phone 8 device, you need the following.

1. Windows Phone 8 SDK installed.

2. Windows Phone developer account

3. Windows Phone 8 device

Make sure that your Windows Phone 8’s screen is unlocked and is connected to your Windows 8 PC when registering the Phone for development.

You can register your Windows Phone by using the Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool that is part of the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

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