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Q&A #37 – What are different Location Sensing Technologies used by Windows Phone?

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Q&A #37 – What are different Location Sensing Technologies used by Windows Phone?

There are various ways with which the Windows Phone identifies the Location. Some of the techniques include

Cell Tower-
This technique consumes low power since the cell tower is used to use to identify the phone’s current location. This is identified by a kind of ping from multiple towers. The distance between the tower and the phone is approximately calculated based on the response from the phone.

Wi-Fi - This technique uses slightly more power than the cell tower but less power than the A-GPS technique. The Wi-Fi technique can provide more accurate data when compared with cell tower. This technique works by identifying the networks which are in the range of the device and then measure the signal strength and use them to report the data using location database.

This is the satellite based positioning system and is one of the most accurate systems but high power consumption too.

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